SOHR : 110,371 casualties since the beginning of the uprisings in 18/3/2011


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented 110,371 casualties since the beginning of the uprisings in 18/3/2011, from the first casualty in Dera'a, up till 31/08/2013.

Civilians: 40,146. Including 5,833 children and 3,905 women.

Rebel fighters: 15,992.

Defected soldiers and officers: 2,128.

Regular soldiers and officers: 27,654.

Unidentified casualties (documented by pictures and footages): 2,726.
Rebel fighters (most of which are non-Syrian and others are unidentified): 3,730.
Popular defence committees, National defence forces, Shabiha and pro-regime informers: 17,824.
Fighters from the Lebanese Hezbollah: 171.
- The death toll does not include more than 9,000 detainees and missing persons inside regime prisons and detention centres. Nor does it include more than 3,500 regular soldiers and officers held captives by rebel fighters.
- We also estimate the real number of casualties from regular forces and rebel fighters to be twice the number documented, because both sides are discreet about the human losses caused by clashes.
Death toll for August 2013: 5,493 were killed in Syria.
Civilians: 3,109. Including 124 of which were tortured to death in regime prisons, 365 children and 348 women.
Rebel fighters: 1,140.
Regular soldiers: 1,186.
Non-Syrian and unidentified rebel fighters (most of which are non-Syrian): 700.
Defected soldiers and officers: 42.
National Defence forces and popular defence committees: 386.
Unidentified casualties: 70.
- Given this massive number of casualties and these tragic human losses, who are not solely numbers but are lives horribly lost. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights calls upon the UN security-general Mr. Ban Kimoon and the international community to exert all effort on ending the ongoing violence in Syria, to aid the Syrian people on establishing a democratic, civil, just and equal country and to maintain the rights of all Syrian components.

Created On 2013-09-01

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