bombardment and clashes in many cities in syria on Monday


Hama province: Regime bombardment renewed on Kafarzeita. Clashes are taking place by the (Sujjad al-Qadim) building near the town of al-Salamiya, after a large car bomb targeted the building. The building is reportedly being used by pro-regime militiamen from the Popular Committees. There are reports of haman losses in the building.

Damascus: An explosion rocked the Mashru' Dummar neighbourhood of Damascus, by the al-Jazeera al-Ashira. Early reports indicate that the explosion was the result of a car bomb. There are also reports of human losses.
Deir Ezzour province: Several neighbourhoods in Deir Ezzour city were bombarded by the airforces. The SOHR received disturbing footage from Reef Deir Ezzour documenting the desecration of rebel bodies by members of the regime forces:

Created On 2013-01-21

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