Rebel Attack Cuts Damascus Power


An attack by Syrian rebels on an electricity pylon on Friday caused a power outage in several areas of Damascus, state television said.

"A group of terrorists destroyed a transmission tower, leading to a power cut," said the broadcaster, using the regime's standard terminology for rebels fighting to unseat President Bashar Assad.

The channel did not specify which areas of Damascus had been affected.

"Maintenance teams are working to restore electricity within the next 48 hours," it added.

Power supplies have been increasingly disrupted across Syria as the 21-month conflict has intensified, particularly in rebel-held areas, according to activists.

Electricity and fuel shortages, together with a lack of flour, have made it difficult to provide the population with bread.

A leading opposition group said last month that Syria will need $60 billion in Marshall Plan-style aid and investments to prevent the country's collapse within six months of the fall of the regime.



Created On 2012-12-21

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