Regime forces retreat from largest oil field in Deir Ezzour


Deir Ezzour province: The SOHR can confirm that the Syrian army has retreated yesterday from the al-Omar oilfield, which lies to the north of al-Mayadeen city. This effectively means that the regime has no presence in the areas east of Deir Ezzour city. The regime has also lost the Konoko gasfield on 27/11/2012, where 45 soldiers defected or ran away, leaving their military equipment, rebels also commandeered 2 tan
ks. The Jafra oilfield was also lost earlier by the regime. The regime is in control of the Teim, Mazra'a, Kharata, Mahash and al-Beshri oilfields, all of which are positioned to the west of Deir Ezzour city. There was an explosion on one of the pipelines of the Konoko gasfields on the 18th of this month, 50 people were killed as a result.

Created On 2012-11-30

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