Violent confrontations on a military base in northern Syria


Stresses opposition fighters Thursday their pressure on the army in the north, an attack on one of the last bases hours before the report on the conflict in Syria for Arab League envoy and UN troubleshooter Lakhdar Brahimi in the UN Security Council.

The violent clashes took place at dawn on Thursday between the regular forces and armed opposition fighters, especially around the base of the military guest Valley in the northwest of the country which is encircled by the fighters, according to a Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The observatory said in a statement "spin violent clashes since dawn today between regular troops and fighters from several combat battalions in the vicinity of the camp and guest Valley of the regular troops located east of the city of Maart in the countryside of Idlib (northwest)."

The observatory said the existence of "a crowd of combat brigades in an attempt to break into the camp," pointing to "the clashes coincided with the bombing of mutual."

In Damascus, Syrian authorities closed Thursday through Damascus International Airport "because of the continuing clashes and military operations in towns on the edge of the road," according to the observatory.

Residents said in the Syrian capital, told AFP that the airport authorities confirmed them down the road, noting she did not know the date for re-opening.

The airport is located about 27 kilometers to the southeast of the capital, and cut his way area nearby East Gouta in Damascus, which is under mounting military operations in the recent period.

Also in the capital, clashes coincided after midnight Wednesday to Thursday between the Black Stone and neighborhood Yarmouk camp with mortar rounds on the area.

The towns and villages saw East Gouta in rural capital overflights by warplanes accompanied the shelling several areas in Gota. Also suffered towns of Beit Sahem Bebla Rural Damascus bombed by regular troops accompanied by the sounds of explosions.

The spin violent clashes between the regular forces in the vicinity of the towns of scorpion and Babila and House Sahem associated with the bombing of helicopters on targets in these areas.

And resulted in clashes in Deir ez-Zor (east) to the death of a fighter from the opposition while other fell near the town of Rastan in Homs (center), and others in the town of Ambassador (Aleppo) as added Observatory, which relies on data on a network of activists and doctors in several areas Syria.

In Aleppo, Syria's second city, which witnessed bloody clashes for the past four months, "battling on the outskirts of al-Amiriyah and Saladin, as violent clashes took place at dawn today between regular troops and fighters from several combat battalions on the outskirts al Alsakhur and Suleiman al-Halabi."

In Aleppo, the Observatory said "combat brigades, which seized control of the dam October in Manbej threatened to strike power lines that did not stop the system from shelling."

And resulted in violence Wednesday killed 158 people including 99 civilians, including 56 people have fallen victim to two car bombs exploded in Damascus, according to the observatory, which counted more than 40 people dead since the outbreak of the protest movement in mid-March 2012, which turned into an armed conflict then.

As the violence continues, displays Brahimi as of 14:00 GMT report on his mission to the UN Security Council, which remains divided between the Western side and the Chinese and the Russians on the other.

In neighboring Turkey, experts continue to NATO reconnaissance visit to sites that may be setting up the Patriots asked the Turkish government deployed on the border with Syria.

Finally, accused Human Rights Watch said in a statement Thursday, opposition fighters in Syria using children in armed conflict and military operations, urging them to stop.

The organization called on the leaders of the opposition fighters "to show public commitments to end these practices, and to prevent the use of anyone under the age of eighteen for military purposes, even if they themselves volunteered."

And children's rights expert said in organization Priyanka Mutabarthe "Even if children volunteered to fight, on the responsibility of leaders to protect them to reject it."

"The children easily influenced by their parents or older friends, but participate in acts of violence are at risk of death or permanent disability or major trauma."

Created On 2012-11-29

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