Russia, Turkey agree to coordinate efforts for political solution


Announced the Russian Foreign Ministry that Russia and Turkey have agreed to strengthen joint efforts to reach a solution to the crisis in Syria.
The channel "Russia Today" that the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement in the wake of consulting conducted by the representative of the Russian President for the Middle East, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov with First Deputy Foreign Minister Turkish فيريدون Sanery Ihsanoglu said the diplomats "expressed concern shared by violence continuing in Syria and the deterioration of the humanitarian situation, including the increase in the number of refugees and displaced persons. "
The Altoran stressed the importance of coordinating the efforts of Turkey and Russia aimed to quick search for political solutions to the tense situation in Syria.
He stressed Bogdanov said that "the way to achieve this goal is through the implementation of the statement Geneva working group of 30 last June and which provides for the complete cessation and substance to the bloodshed and launch a comprehensive national dialogue in the framework can Syrians inside of the report of the fate of their country."
The two sides also discussed the recent tragic situation in the Gaza Strip and around, Voarba satisfaction of reaching the armistice agreement in Cairo They noted "the importance of the resumption of Palestinian unity on the basis of the political base of the Palestine Liberation Organization in addition to the need to resume the process of peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine."

Al Nashra
Created On 2012-11-24

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