Turkey requested international aid for Syrian refugees


"Fouad Oktay" head of disaster management and emergency Turkish prime minister, that his administration is looking for international destinations ready to contribute to meet the needs of Syrian refugees on its territory.
"Oktay" in remarks to the Anatolia correspondent, that his administration has furnished a number of projects that require the aid of the international community, which is not necessary to be critical, but may also be in kind. The Department in this context account the needs of the refugee camps, and looking who does provide these needs for a month or two or three or six months, there is also a need to set up field hospitals and schools in the camps.
According to "Oktay" that the details of these projects sent to all States and relevant international bodies, and work management in collaboration with the Turkish Foreign Ministry to achieve progress in this regard.
He "Oktay" that many states have already made commitments to providing assistance to refugees Syrians in Turkey, but none of them have not taken steps process yet, and added that he will be announced on the countries and providing assistance when they are to reach a formal agreement in this regard.
He stressed, "Oktay" that Turkey continues to do everything you can to provide for the needs of refugees, especially with the advent of winter, and thanked for the bodies and Turkish people who support the government's efforts in this regard.


Created On 2012-11-24

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