Continuing violence in Syria


Violence continued Friday, 23/11/2012, in several cities in Syria, especially in Hasaka main Kurdish groups agreed to form a unified military force to counter Islamist fighters, came as Syrian authorities announced continue to target and destroy the armed groups and to eliminate them some numbers of other nationalities Syria belonging to al-Qaeda.

The news agency "AFP" Kurdish official as saying that "the main Kurdish groups in Syria agreed to form a unified military force to counter Islamist fighters in the northeast of the country."

Mohammed said the bribery representative of the People's Assembly for Western Kurdistan in Irbil that the talks between Syrian Kurdish forces was launched in the capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq to agree to protect the Kurdish areas of any attacks, and it was agreed "in principle to form a force not to belong to any party" specific.
The move comes in the wake of clashes in recent days between the Syrian opposition fighters with an Islamist and Kurdish guerrillas from popular protection committees in the city of Ras Al Ain in Hasaka province (northeast).

But Saadi Ahmed beer, politburo member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan led by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, told AFP that Syria's Kurds did not apply military support, stressing that the Iraqi Kurds will provide all forms of support except military him.

In a related context, the bishop of force Catholic Hskh - share had Hindu Bahnan distress call to the pope and the United Nations and the international community, to keep the area of ​​the island in northeastern Syria untouched by the fighting.

In Damascus, was hit several areas of the bombing to coincide with the violent clashes taking place where, as reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, who pointed out that the violence was concentrated in Medmah Sham and Darya southwest of the capital.

For her part, Syrian news agency "SANA" that units of the armed forces continued their operations in pursuit of groups linked to al-Qaeda in Zamalka and Arbin and Ain Tarma and Alveabih Darya Damascus countryside, according to an official source said.

The source said, "The unity of the armed forces targeted gatherings terrorists in Zamalka Arbin, inflicting heavy casualties among their ranks."
As clashed units of the Syrian army with armed groups in the towns of the compartment and Alveabih and egg killing and wounding dozens of militants, including from non-Syrian nationalities belonging to al-Qaeda. "
In Darya Balgoth Bank in Damascus, "continued units of the Syrian army operations in eastern neighborhoods and South of the city and pounded hideouts of armed groups and caused many of its members were killed or wounded and destroyed weapons and ammunition were used in the attack on the people and elements of the army."

In Idleb province (northwest), said the observatory to the killing of three members of the regular forces and wounding at least 15 others were wounded in a car bomb explosion barrier through Idlib Sarmen .

But agency SANA said the "terrorist suicide bomber detonated a car bomb loaded with quantities of explosives on a road in Idleb Sarmen  resulted in a number of martyrs and wounded among citizens and pedestrians."

An official source in the province to SANA "that the terrorist bombing led to the death of 3 citizens and wounded a number of other injuries, some serious, in addition to damaging a large car in the place."

In Deir al-Zour, official source told SANA "that the unity of the armed forces clashed Friday with a terrorist group in the neighborhood Jubailah south collector Paradise in Deir al-Zour and ruled on five of its members knew them terrorist" Yassin Abdullah "."
As "clashed another unit with an armed group in the street cinema Fouad was the sabotage and looting and theft and sentenced to a number of its members in addition to destroying a vehicle carrying terrorists and weapons including the," according to SANA that Achtart that "the armed forces clashed with a terrorist group Front victory affiliated with al Qaeda in the Cinema Fouad Street and ruled on a number of its members, while 5 cars were destroyed and a large number of motorcycles including the terrorists in the neighborhood Jufrah. "

In Albuamr village Brive Deir Ezzor "implemented a unit of the armed forces against a gathering of quality gunmen, killing and wounding the largest number of them and knew of terrorists killed Ahmed Ibrahim Jassem, Ali Asameer and Subhi Al-Hamoud."

The official agency added that "two groups are terrorists proceeded to liquidate four citizens from the people of Deir al-Zour and photographing crime and sent to the partner stations in shedding the blood to accuse the Syrian army to kill them."

In Aleppo, "carried out and units of the armed forces of some cleansing neighborhoods and areas of Aleppo of terrorists and mercenaries who belong to the front of the victory and al-Qaeda targeted the headquarters and gatherings."

"Dealt unit of our armed forces with a number of hideouts of the militants at a juvenile prison and a restaurant of Dahab and plant River rotary Tel barley and Amuslimh School in Amuslimh area and destroyed these dens and caused the terrorists among the dead and injured."

Were eliminated by SANA on "a number of insurgents near the mosque Rifai in Sheikh Lutfi," Kmaaatdt armed group on Friday at the march was attended by hundreds of people living Marjah in Aleppo demanded which expel terrorists from the neighborhood led to the martyrdom of a child and wounded others. "

An official source said a tongue that "members of the terrorist group led by blond beauty belongs to the front of the victory of the al-Qaeda opened fire with machine guns on the participants in the march, which resulted in the death of a child and wounding 10 citizens, including women and children."

In the meantime, SANA announced that "the competent authorities foiled an attempt gunmen belonging to the victory of the Front base detonate explosive devices in a number of main and branch roads in the jungle area in Hama."

On the other hand gunmen detonated an explosive device behind the Salah al-Din Mosque in South pitch neighborhood protectors during draws worshipers to Friday prayers, SANA quoted maintaining source as saying, "The explosion led to place material damage and no injuries."

The violence in different areas to the death of 53 people, according to the observatory, which the London-based.

And announced Reporters Without Borders (RSF) Friday the deaths of four journalists and media activists during a week in Syria at the hands of the various parties to the conflict.

Politically, criticized Syria Friday supported for two positions of allies Russia and Iran, Turkey asked NATO to deploy missiles "Patriot" on their border, despite reassure Ankara and NATO that the move purely defensive.

In the meantime, Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who was received Friday in Damascus, and parking his country at his side in the face of "schemes" hatched in the region, accusing states where the opposition claim to topple the regime "adventure."

The Syrian state television quoted a source in the Foreign Ministry considered that the Turkish demand "new provocative step", blaming the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, "responsible for the militarization of the situation on the border (...)", accusing it of "training and arming of thousands of terrorists."

Syria accuses Turkey to support and provide military support to the fighters on the ground.

For his part, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the accumulation increases the risk of weapons used, and that this "likely to encourage those who want larger resort to force." He warned that the deployment of weapons "poses a threat that leads any provocation to a serious armed conflict", stressing his country's desire to avoid it "at any price".

The Russian official was "worried" his country in a telephone conversation with NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who in turn assured Lavrov said the missile deployment "defensive only" and not an encouragement to establish a no-fly zone or for offensive operations.

Also sought and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to calm Russian fears, stressing that the Patriot "defense system" There is no need because the raises "concern of any country, especially Russia," which teaches that "purely defensive Patriot missiles."

Turkey has embarked on talks to deploy missiles since the killing of five civilians by a mortar originating territory Syria in October / October, and repeated incidents of shells, prompting Ankara to reciprocate.

The United States, Germany and the Netherlands, the three countries in the alliance, which has these missiles, it would consider the Turkish demand, while France said "no reason" for refusing.

Also, Iranian television quoted Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Manmnprast saying that the deployment of the missiles will not help to solve the situation in Syria but "will lead to aggravation and increase Tazima", calling search for "political solutions to regional crises."

The form of the search for such solutions axis of a regional tour to Iranian Shura Council Speaker, started in Damascus, where President al-Assad stressed and parking Iran "along with Syria and steadfast resistance in the face of plots hatched for the region."

Assad spoke to reporters for a permanent coordination with Iran, particularly amid regional conditions "fast moving and most recently was the Israeli aggression on Gaza." According to the official Syrian news agency SANA said the two sides discussed developments in the region, particularly "the failure of the Israeli aggression" on Gaza and the "great victory for the Palestinian resistance," eternally "Syria and Iran keen to stick to the approach of the resistance."

Israel launched starting from last Wednesday a series of air strikes on the Gaza Strip, Palestinian factions responded by firing rockets touched Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, before reaching a calm evening Wednesday 21 November / November.

And the crisis in his country, said Assad Larijani move Damascus "in the success of the national dialogue in parallel with the fight against terrorism which seeks to destabilize the security and stability of Syria and the whole region," according to SANA, which quoted Iranian official "praising the administration wise for the Syrian leadership in addressing the crisis."

In Beirut, the second leg before Turkey, Larijani said, "The others want to impose democracy imposed through begged arms (...) ruled that one can apply democracy through (shells) RPG."

"We support the political process and political dialogue that would lead to establishment of democracy in Syria," rejecting "any foreign intervention."

Larijani was whose country is one of the most prominent allies Syria, said upon arrival in Damascus that "there are those who want to venture into the region by causing problems for Syria."

And accuses Tehran and Damascus regional countries, notably Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, with the support of the Syrian opposition, and providing arms to the opposition fighters who face regular troops on the ground.

Created On 2012-11-24

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