United Nations denies agreeing to a Syrian operation in Golan


UN denied again give approval to Damascus to carry out a military operation against opposition fighters in the Golan, in a letter to the Syrian ambassador to the United Nations. The Deputy UN spokesman in charge of peacekeeping operations Herve Ladsous in a letter obtained "Agence France Presse", a copy of "We consider that it is very dangerous to claim the Syrian authorities that the UN official gave his approval to the activities represent a violation of UN Security Council resolutions." And demanded the Syrian army to halt "incursions" in the demilitarized zone on the Golan Heights.
The Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al-Miqdad said the first Wednesday that Syria had carried out an assault on opposition fighters in the Golan after obtaining the approval of the UN troops in charge of monitoring the implementation of the disengagement agreement between Syria and Israel.
Wednesday evening, denied UN spokesman Martin Nesirky this matter, pointing out that such approval is a "name" the agreement signed in 1974 which established the disengagement line.

Herve Ladsous added  in this letter that such actions undermine Syrian mission of the UN forces in the Golan as "experienced personnel (mission) of the United Nations to a real risk" and threaten the cease-fire between Israel and Syria.


Created On 2012-11-17

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