80 fighters killed in clashes in Der-Ezzor and its countryside


The province of Der Al Zor:

Exodus in the countryside of Der Al Zor have continued, and 70 fighters and local gunmen were killed in clashes.
The number of combatants, who were killed in clashes between ISIS fighters from one side and Al Nusra front and the Islamic battalions from the other side in the eastern and western countryside of Der Al Zor, has risen to 69. The number of the fighters of the Islamic battalions, who were killed in clashes with ISIS in the village of Al Sobha which located in the western countryside of Al Bsiri town, has risen to 11 fighters. These clashes ended with taking control over the village by the Al Nusra front and the local gunmen loyal to it.

The death toll of these clashes is 5 civilians from the village of Al Sobha and 23 combatants at least from ISIS.
Fighters from ISIS stormed the villages of Hazrat Al Bo Hmid, Juzur Al Milaj and Al Kabr in the western countryside of Der Al Zor city which led to the death of at least 35 fighters from Al Nusra front and the Islamic battalions, including some prisoners who were executed on field.
Violent clashes have continued between the same two parties in the villages of Al Harmosheyyi and Jdid Akedat. Information reported the death of the governor of Der Al Zor state in the clashes in the village of Jdid Akedat.
The two villages of Jdid Akedat and Al Sobha witnessed wide exodus of citizens because of the ongoing conflict in them. The only faction of the rebel battalions in these clashes was Jaysho Al Kadisiyya which retreated to the city of Der Al Zor when the clashes started because it refused to fight for the sake of any parties.
The city of Al Bsiri witnessed almost complete exodus. The population of this town is more than 36365 as well as 1200 displaced families, according to statistics of “the local council of Al Bsiri city”. The same happened to the villages of Abriha and Al Rez which located in the countryside of Al Bsiri. According to the last statistics, the population of the two villages is 27000 citizens.

Created On 2014-05-05

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