More than 1000 fighters killed in Lattakia clashes


Violent clashes continue since 21/Mar/2014, between regime forces backed by NDF, Al-Ba'th battalions, Non-Syrian Gunmen allied to regime forces, and the public front to liberate Iskenderon, against Jabhat Al-Nusra and many Islamic battalions, in the northern countryside of Lattakia, as the second side has taken over many areas including ( Kassab town, Kasab crossing, Al-Samra village, and many strategic hills including Al-Neser, Nabe's Al-Mur, Al-Nab'en and the 45th observatory ), the regime forces couldn't regain control on any of it, even after using all kinds of weapons, Bombardment, explosive barrels, airstrikes. and scrambling to achieve any media victory, to raise to morale of its supporters.
Rose to 1052, the number of fighters from both sides, who were killed and injured during the clashes in the southern countryside of Lattakia, since 21/Feb, to this morning .
No less than 194 fighters from regime forces and its allies were killed, including : no less than 27 officers , in addition to Hilal Al-Assad the leader of the NDF, no less than 500 were injured and seriously injured .
128 fighters from Jabhat Al-Nusra, Islamic battalions, and Jund Al-Sham, including: no less than 56 Non-Syrian fighters, were killed by the clashes, while no less than 230 were injured .
Created On 2014-03-31

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