Clashes in Der-Ezzor and Bombardment on areas in Hama


Deir Izzor: Islamic fighters launched mortar shells on regime strongholds in the al-Mwathfin neighbourhood of Deir Izzor city. Regular forces bombarded areas in the Jdaidat A’keidat town. Islamic fighters blew up a building in which regular forces were centralized in the al-Rasafa neighbourhood of Deir Izzor city, with reports of casualties and injuries from regular forces. Clashes broke out between the ISIS from one side and al-Nusra and islamic fighters from the other in the perimeter of the al-Jafra oil field and the Koniko gas factory in Reef Deir Izzor, with confirmed reports that the ISIS took hold of the al-Jafra oil field and the Koniko factory, and of human losses from both sides.

Casualties and injuries:

A child was accidentally shot dead by a rebel fighter while they were together in a car near a rebel checkpoint in Deir Izzor city. A man from the Deir Izzor city was tortured to death in regime prisons.

Hama province: Parts of the al-Zawwar area in northern Reef Hama, Karzeita city in Reef Hama were subject to aerial bombardment. The airforce carried out several air raids on areas of the A’qeirbat suburb in eastern Reef Hama. Clashes broke out between islamic and al-Nusra fighters form one side and regular forces and pro-regime militants from the other near the Mourk town during which rebel fighters destroyed a military tank, amid aerial bombardment on parts of the town. An IED went off in the al-Amiriya neighbourhood of Hama city with reports of a man’s death, based on activists from the area. A woman was killed by regime bombardment on parts of the Qabr Fudda village. A regular soldier was injured by a sniper shot by islamic fighters in the Tal O’thman military base.
Created On 2014-03-27

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