Clashes continue in Lattakia countryside


Lattakia province: regime forces bombarded areas in ( Al-Turkman mount, Bet Awad, the 45th observatory, Al-Neser hill outskirts, the border line with Turkey, Nabaa Al-Mur, Kasab crossing outskirts, the turning of Al-Fanlaq woods, and the point of 714 ) accompanied by regimes's bombardment on areas in Lattakia countryside.
clashes continue between Jabhat Al-Nusra and Islamic battalions, against regime forces backed by NDF and the Syrian resistance to liberate Iskenderon from the other side, in Lattakia countryside, amid Jabhat AL-Nusra reinforcements to the clashes areas.
reports that 1 child killed by regime's bombardment on Al-Khadra village in the Turkman mount.
violent clashes taking place between regime forces and Islamic battalions around Shekh Hasan area in the Trukman mount.
Created On 2014-03-27

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