Human losses in Idlib, and Clashes continue in Aleppo


Idlib province: 3 men and a woman killed by bombardment by regime forces on Khan Shekhon city.
gunmen assassinated a former office employee in ISIS in the city of Saraqeb, he was working with ISIS then he announced his defection from it after it pulled out of Saraqeb, the assassination took place when he was leaving the Shariaa court in the city, after it dropped down all the charges against him.
Aleppo province: a mortar shell fell on the third area in AL-Hamdania neighborhood, which is under control by regime forces.
violent clashes taking place between regime forces backed by NDF, Al-Quds brigade, and Al-Ba'th battalions, against Jabhat AL-Nusra, Al-Mojaheden and Al-Ansar army, and many Islamic AL-Layramoun area.
helicopters dropped many barrel bombs on Kafar Naha town, no information about the casualties yet.
violent clashes taking place between the two sides in AL-Ma'amel area, Between Aziza and Al-Shekh Sa'eed , led to death of 5 fighters from the Islamic battalions, confirmed reports that regime forces and its allied have taken over the area.
Created On 2014-03-25

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