More than 140 thousands have died since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution


More than 140 thousands people have died since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution and the bloodiest days since Geneva II talks started.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, documented the martyrdom, the killing and the deaths of 140041 people, since the start of the Syrian Revolution in the date of the martyrdom of the first martyr in Daraa province in the 18th of March-2011, until the date of 14th February-2014. The statistics are in the following form:

Civilians martyrs: 71141, including 7626 children, 5064 female over the age of eighteen and 21910 combat battalions fighters.

Unknown victims, documented by pictures and video clips: 2837

Dissidents fighters martyrs: 2257

Islamic battalions, ISIS and Jabhat Al-Nusra, the vast majority of non-Syrian nationalities, some of them are faceless: 8972

The Syrian regime forces losses: 33 591

The popular committees elements, NDA, Shabiha and the loyal to the regime informants: 20608

Hezbollah fighters: 275

Shiite sect loyal to the regime of non-Syrian nationalities fighters: 360

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights notes that these statistics do not include the fate of more than 18,000 missing people inside the Syrian regime's jails.

The statistics do not include as well, the fate of more than 7,000 prisoners from the Syrian regime forces, loyal gunmen and hundreds of abductees who are believed to be loyal to the regime, in the Islamic battalions, ISIS and Jabhat Al-Nusra's jails.

The statistics do not also include hundreds of the Islamic battalions, Rebels and ISIS fighters, who had been abducted during the
The clashes between these parties since January 3.

We the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights believe that the real number of the martyrs of the Syrian combat brigades, the non-Syrian nationalities casualties in the ranks of the Islamic combat battalions, Jabhat Al-Nusra and ISIS, and the casualties in the ranks of the Syrian regime forces and the loyal militants, is more than about 60 thousand, of the numbers that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights was enabled to document, due to extreme secrecy by all parties during the clashes and shelling on areas and centers in several villages, towns and cities in Syria.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reiterates its call for all the international arena's actors, to work hard in order to transmit the war crimes' file and the crimes against humanity committed and being committed daily against the Syrian people, to the International Criminal Court or to the competent international courts, or create special international courts, to prosecute the murderers of the Syrian people, and all of the connivers and collaborators on spilling the Syrian people's blood, and the traders who take the Syrian's blood as political papers and media messages and means to implement special internal or external agendas, and those who worked to transform the dignity with the legitimate internationally and humanitarian demands revolution in Syria into a sectarian fighting.

We the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, and in light of the horrible casualties increase during the last 24 days, which witnessed the largest daily rate of casualties, in conjunction with the start of Geneva II talks, between the Syrian opposition factions and the Syrian regime representatives, where the first condition for holding the sessions was supposed to be to stop all of the military operations.  We call on all of the parties in the international community, which have an actual effect in Syria, to work more hard and serious, to impose an immediate ceasefire on the ground, before seeking any political solution, because it's a shame and non-immoral for the international community drawling with the respect of human rights and defend them, to continue to stand idly towards the tragedy of the Syrian people, who lose hundreds of children, women men and elders daily.
We also in the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, call on the Secretary- General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, and anyone who has still the remnants of human conscience in the international community, to work in earnest, in order to stop the constant killing against the Syrian people, and help them to move to the state of democracy, freedom, justice and equality, that preserve the rights of all the components of the Syrian people.

Created On 2014-02-15

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