Approximately 126 thousand people killed in Syria


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented 125,835 casualties since the beginning of the Syrian uprising in 18/3/2011, from the first protestor shot and killed in Der'a, up till 1/12/2013.

The dead include:
44,381 civilians (including 6,627 children and 4,454 women).
19,264 rebel fighters.

2,221 defected soldiers and officers.
31,174 regular soldiers.
2,781 unidentified casualties (documented with pictures and footages).
6,261 non-Syrian and unidentified rebels (most of whom are non-Syrians).
19,256 combatants from the Popular Committees, National Defence Forces, Shabiha, and pro regime informers.
232 fighters from the Lebanese Hezbollah.
265 non-Syrian pro-regime Shi'ite militiamen.
The death toll does not include more than 16,000 detainees and missing persons inside of regime prisons, nor the more than 5000 regular soldiers and pro regime militants held captive by rebel fighters and the ISIS. Nor does it include kidnapped civilians.
We estimate that there are about 40,000 casualties from regular forces and rebel fighters and non-Syrian fighters that we have not been able to document, because both sides are discreet about the human losses resulting from clashes.
The SOHR has decided on September to refrain from cooperating and supplying some international bodies with our detailed figures. this decision was taken because of their continued use of them without doing further investigation of these war crimes. We want these crimes to be verified from international bodies and taken to the International Criminal Court so as all oppressors of the Syrian people face justice.
We at the Syrian Observatory renew our appeal to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, to work through all possible means to put an end to the fighting in Syria and aiding the Syrian people in order to transition to a democratic state that is based on principles of freedom, social justice and equality which preserves the rights of all Syrians. Rather than merely focusing on destroying the chemical weapons, since tens of thousands of Syrians are still being killed, maimed and displaced in this conflict with conventional weapons.
Created On 2013-12-02

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