Bakir Oweida The ISIS Tumor

The consequences of former US President George W. Bush’s war on terror may be responsible somehow, albeit not directly, for the emergence of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). It may be

Ali Ibrahim When Crises Compete

It may just be a coincidence that the world is witnessing all these transformations—with the maps of entire regions likely to be redrawn and entities disintegrating—in the same year that happens to mark the 100

Eyad Abu Shakra Moscow and Washington, Then and Now

We have learned from the West that “it takes two to tango.” To the best of my knowledge, US President Barack Obama knows how to do the tango, a dance based on synchronizing steps with

Hisham Melhem The U.S. is slouching from Syria to Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin is the product of the harsh geopolitical reality of Russia in the post-Soviet era, a country in political and strategic retreat in the vast Eurasian theatre. He is also the faithful

Raed Omari Five ways to kill a Syrian

When Edwin Brock wrote his famous poem, ‘Five Ways to Kill a Man’, seen as one of the best-known poems of the last century, his aim was not to amuse his readers using a catchy

Chris Doyle Syrian refugees in Lebanon and the British role

As British politicians debated the relative merits of taking in Syrian refugees, I was accompanying two members of Parliament around Syrian refugee communities in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. It was an agonising exposure to

Abdulrahman al-Rashed Why are they fighting the world, from Syria to Burma?

In Saudi Arabia, and some other regional countries, there has been an intellectual, political and security campaign targeting violent extremist groups for at least 10 years now. Despite efforts, these groups are increasing in number.

Frank Gardner Europe could feel the backlash from jihadist conflicts

This week Britain's House of Commons was told that a terrorist attack in Europe by jihadist fighters returning from Syria is "almost inevitable but may not happen for some time". The warning came from a leading

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